A Guide on How to Play Super Nintendo Games on Android

Super Nintendo is one of the best games of today. A player can enjoy it on his device by using an emulator app. The emulator app is a program for running SNES games on Android. A gamer can download it from the play store.

How to play Super Nintendo games on Android?

Are you a gamer and missing your old days of gaming? If yes, then here we are going to discuss everything about Nintendo DS Roms download. Take a look at the quite easy process for the same.

  • Download your emulator – According to the researchers, one of the most trusted emulators is Snes9x Ex+. All emulators offer the same functionality and interface.

However, this one is rated best due to its unique features. There are both free and paid versions available. On the one hand, the free version is good. On the same token, paid version is great for the players.

  • Find your Rom’s – The games are saved in a format known as Rom’s. Various sites are available to download Rom’s. For example – Retrostic, ConsoleRoms and Romspedia.
  • Play your game – Once you have downloaded Nintendo games, create a folder to keep everything organized. Are you ready to start your adventure? Let’s proceed further.
  1. Open Snes9x EX+
  2. Tap on load Super Nintendo games.
  3. Start playing.

Don’t you think that super Nintendo games are so easy to enjoy on Android?

The top 6 steps to play super Nintendo games

You are only required to have an internet connection and your Android phone.

1. Grab your phone and jump to romspedia.com. Open Google chrome or any other web browser. Moreover, insert the following URL.


2. Go get your emulator – To enjoy super Nintendo games on your Android an emulator is required. In simple terms, it is a piece of software that simulates a different environment or device.

3. From the Romspedia homepage, tap the emulator button for expanding the menu. Secondly, tap the for-Android button within the menu.

  • Selecting your emulator – Once the page loads, you will see a long listing of different gaming options with different emulators. Here are the 2 steps that will reroute you to the play store.
  • Scroll down the page until the section labeled Nintendo appears.
  • Tap the button in the Nintendo section labeled John NES.

4. Installing the Emulator – Tap the install button on the Google play store to install the emulator to your Android.

5. Tap on the open button that will appear after the installing process is finished.

  • Navigate back to the Romspedia homepage.
  • Find the search bar from the homepage that is located at the top of the screen.
  • Here, enter your desired game title and tap on the search button. Here, we will use the title ‘Nintendo’.
  • After the page loads, scroll until the option of download appears. Tap the download button for Nintendo DS Rom’s download.

6. Playing your game – Now find the John ENS you installed before. Tap the icon for opening the app and to search your game. To enjoy your game, tap on its title in the list.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, now you are all set to enjoy your favorite game. While playing Super Nintendo games on Android, you can control all the actions by the buttons given on the screen.

To enjoy more awesome and impressive games, don’t hesitate to go back to romspedia.com and repeat the procedure by changing your title. Wish you good luck with a memorable gaming experience.

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