Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Dating

Technology is moving fast, really fast, every single day. We cannot keep up with it; this stream of new information runs through every aspect of our daily life. Work, hobbies, love, and thus, dating. They ask for one thing but choose something completely different. This rule of capricious buyers fully applies to visitors of dating services. According to the researchers, in their questionnaires on websites and in dating apps, people indicate those requirements for a partner that are not really very important for them.

Evolution of dating

Dating services in the form in which they exist today often interfere with finding a suitable partner, rather than help to do it. This was shown by a study of American psychologists. They chose 350 men and women – not too lucky regulars of dating sites, who could not find a mate. Each of them filled out a lengthy questionnaire, giving a detailed profile of themselves and listing their wishes for a soul mate. Based on this data, scientists have compiled a list of successful couples and, in order to “approve” it, held a speed dating event. Each participant had to communicate with 10-12 potential partners and list those who they liked most. As a result, some men and women left the experimental party together. Alas, among them, there was not a single couple from the list compiled by psychologists. None of the lucky lovers even remembered their wishes and requirements from a pre-compiled questionnaire.

It would be possible to accuse the participants of this experiment of insincerity, but users of dating sites and applications do not always intentionally lie. Great pressure is exerted on them by stereotypes accepted in society. “Everyone appreciates blondes and that sweet 90-60-90. So, I should like them as well,” – that’s what every other man thinks. But in fact, he may be interested not in this cold beauty but in a lively look, not in a thin waist but in big breasts and a tight build. You can meet both of these types at this online dating site in Ukraine. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

This problem can be solved using the technology of processing big data and intelligent algorithms for quick search and successful acquaintance with perfectly matched partners – thanks to them, online dating will look very different.

AI, get me a date!

So, for example, the DateCoin service will use artificial intelligence, analyzing the dialogue texts, favorite photos, viewed profiles, the duration of communication with potential partners, and the content of the dialogues — in other words, all user activity. This greatly increases the chances that a person will actually find the most suitable match for himself because he will not be able to accidentally distort his real goals and interests. No matter what the user is looking for – strong family relationships, romantic relationships, or quick sex – DateCoin can help him/her by ensuring maximum cybersecurity due to symmetric data encryption for dialog functionality and secure storage of database keys on distributed servers.

The DateCoin service will be implemented on the basis of an already operating successful business model so that some of its capabilities can be assessed today.

The implementation of a large-scale project using the latest technologies is carried out through an ICO. Pre-sale tokens successfully completed in December 2017, the crowdsale will be held in March 2018.

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