Market Your Business On Instagram Using A Business Account

There is no denying the fact that Instagram has now become a powerhouse for small and large business organizations. By using it correctly, you can let others know about your upcoming products or products that have worked well for your target audience. However, you need to ensure that you market your brand in the right way, which is going to go beyond buying followers for your Instagram. Using Instagram ads is an interesting option. Of course, Instagram ads can certainly help you present your products in a highly attractive way, but that is going to cost you money. Thankfully, you do not have to spend any money to take advantage of Instagram marketing.

You can try a number of tricks and techniques to turn Instagram into a selling channel for you and your business. Let’s find out what you can do about it.  

An Important Issue to Consider

Instagram does not allow you to link your photos and images directly to your selling page which turns down a lot of potential clients.  You can illustrate your product with an eye-catching photo and an attractive description but still, you cannot sell it on Instagram. Instagram only supports the promotion of products but not their sales.

There is only one workable link in Instagram and that too in the bio section of your account. You cannot link your every post and photo with an access link. Even if you try to include the link in the description, it would be a simple copy paste content and not a clickable link. You cannot even add a link in the comments section.

You can guide your potential customers to refer to the link in bio but it’s not much fruitful as it will only land the users to your business page and not on the specific product. They have to look for the desired product all by themselves throughout your page or website, which is often quite hectic when there are multiple options in the same category. This is more likely to reduce the interest of the customer in buying the product.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Instagram which holds you back from using it for selling products. Unlike Instagram, all the other social media platforms be it Facebook or Pinterest or even Twitter facilitates you to directly link your product to the specific product selling page which helps you in boosting your sales pipeline and in making new customers. While you can try different ways to direct people to your product pages, you can do it more efficiently just by switching to an Instagram business profile.

Instagram Business Profile

If you don’t want to lose your potential customers on Instagram and want to use it for selling your products and boosting your business, Instagram has launched an option of upgrading your current profile into a business profile.

The Instagram business profile gives you a possibility of linking your products with the specific landing page which allows your customers to buy the featured product directly and conveniently from Instagram and saves them from the hassle of looking it all around on your selling site or page.

This facility is currently available only in the United States and sellers from other countries have to wait for it to be launched in their countries.

Linking in Business Profile

All you need is an updated Instagram app and an approved business profile to start linking your products and selling them on Instagram.

Connect your Facebook selling page or your catalog in the Business Manager with your Instagram Business Profile and you are all set to start. Simply click your products and link them with an item in the catalog

The Instagram business profile gives you an opportunity to promote your business and attract new customers from around the world. There are millions of active Instagram users and many of them are regular buyers. With the introduction of the Instagram business profile, there are high chances for Instagram to become a new record breaker in online shopping.

The bottom line is that if you could learn to use the linking more effectively, your Instagram account will certain turn into a sales channel for your business. The first step towards improved sales is to have your business account. So, get it done today!  

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