How You Can Use Mobile Tech to Better Your Home-Based Business?

If like many people since the global pandemic hit, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business recently, you’re likely building it from the ground up at home. 

There are all sorts of home-based operations that can work well without an expensive office or other external sites, and running your venture from home enables you to cut costs and build your firm on a budget.

How You Can Use Mobile Tech to Better Your Home Based Business

Happily, you can also utilize technology to help you boost your business sales and profits. Read on for key ways to use mobile tech in 2022 and beyond. 

Make Mobile Orders an Option for Shoppers

With people on their smartphones and tablets so much these days and often avoiding phone calls, it pays to enable people to place orders via their mobile devices.

Thanks to tech advances, it shouldn’t cost you, as a business owner, a lot to incorporate mobile functionality into your ordering system, yet it can certainly bring plenty of rewards by way of increasing customer satisfaction and order conversion. 

Mobile systems are convenient for consumers and handy for businesses in that you can automate ordering processes rather than you or an employee having to be available to respond to a call, etc., to take an order.

You can design systems so that people can quickly and easily re-order what they’ve bought before, too, which is a bonus and can help you boost sales significantly over a year. 

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Offer Mobile Payment Options

Similarly, consider offering mobile payment options to your clientele. This is something you can incorporate as part of your mobile ordering system if you’re going down that path.

If not, you can still offer mobile payments by utilizing payment programs such as Square or Apple Pay and others that are simple to set up and don’t require you to outlay money on additional credit card swipers. 

These programs are handy if you operate a home-based business but sell items at market stalls, conferences, trade shows, food trucks, catering events, pop-up shops, etc. Or, if you sell items directly from your house, you can also use them.

Furthermore, if you have multiple people wanting to buy from you at once, with a busy line of customers, mobile payments are quicker than traditional offerings, and you can process more transactions every hour. 

Make sure, though, that you keep customer details as secure as possible when providing mobile payment options. Utilize a quality mobile security product that helps keep hackers at bay and client personal and financial data safer. 

Market Your Business using Mobile Methods

Another way to use mobile tech to boost business is for marketing purposes. You can, for instance, pay for a text message marketing platform to send targeted offers, advertisements, updates, invitations, and more to your target audience.

These programs can provide an excellent return on investment as they allow you to stay in touch with your current and potential customers for an affordable price. 

Mobile marketing works well with loyalty programs, too. If you give people a discount or freebie for making a certain number of purchases with you or spending over a set amount, you can use mobile software to remind people they’re close to receiving a reward and get them to purchase more often.

Many people forget about loyalty programs or lose the keyring tags, punch cards, or other types of marketing collateral you might set up for loyal purchasers. 

With mobile solutions, though, they can simply use their smartphone to keep updated on these matters and receive relevant updates over time. The easier you make a loyalty program for shoppers to use, the more they’ll get out of it and the happier and more engaged they’ll be with your business. 

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Other Ideas to Consider

There are numerous other ways that mobile tech can aid you in building a bigger, more profit-driven venture. For example, use it to understand consumer trends better, to see which products are selling best or which offers work more often to entice shoppers to complete transactions.

Use mobile analytics to get a clear idea of popular items in your range and at what times of the day or week people shop with you most. The more valuable insights you have to analyze, the better your decision-making will be. 

Plus, use your mobile device to monitor your organization’s financials closely. Most accounting programs integrate with or feature mobile apps that make it easy to enable expense tracking whenever you’re on the go. You can also see where cash flow is whenever you need to and track outstanding bills and payments. 

Many people put off utilizing mobile tech tools because they think they’ll be hard or expensive to set up or run. However, this isn’t the case, and if you want to boost your business, it’s wise to start taking full advantage of mobile sooner rather than later. 

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