New Android 11 Features: What to Expect?

Google has officially released the initial developer preview for its upcoming Android 11. The new version of the operating system will be carrying significant improvements compared to its predecessors.

The preview is available for developers on Pixel 2, 3, 3A, and 4 devices. Since you can only install it with a full flash, it will wipe all data on the device. Therefore, if you want a sneak peek at the Android 11 features, you will have to install the preview on a backup device. Or you can take a look at the newest Android 11 features below.

                        1. Bubbles

Google plans to improve the user interface for all messaging apps by adding the bubbles feature. You may already be familiar with this feature from the Facebook Messenger app. But the new update will bring bubbles to all messaging platforms. Yes, that includes WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and others.

As of today, only Google’s messaging app supports this feature. But they plan to take it to the next level with the official release of the long-awaited Android 11.

                        2. Conversations

Besides bubbles, Google will add an extra feature to their system. It’s meant to improve the communication aspect of the device. Namely, they will add a new conversations section in the notifications bar.

This feature is going to place new messages above all other notifications, including app updates and Instagram likes. It will make communication more accessible as that is the primary purpose of a mobile device.

                        3. Privacy and Security Focus

Google also takes a step toward improving the privacy and security of its operating system. They plan to add a one-time permission feature. It will give users more control over the permissions they give to different apps.

With the option to provide temporary permission to camera, mic, and location data, users can control who has access to their personal information.

From the security aspect, Google is working toward increasing data privacy. Google will add more options for biometric authentication and secure storage for personal identity documents and similar.

Of course, even the new system cannot be wholly bulletproof. Therefore, users should still think of adding optional security layers to their devices. For example, the need to use antivirus software and a VPN ( to encrypt browsing and online traffic will not disappear. So you can feel free to extend your antivirus or VPN subscription.

                        4. Screen Recording Feature

There was a word about the screen recording feature back when Google was releasing Android 10. But the screen recording didn’t make the cut back in the day.

It seems like this feature will make a comeback with the Android 11. And it will also carry a brand new user interface. As its name suggests, it does nothing more than basic screen recording. While it doesn’t sound like much, this feature will eliminate the need for third-party screen recording apps.

                        5. Small Tweaks and Changes

Google has also thrown in a couple of unrelated but splendid features:

  • the automated dark mode toggles
  • increased touch sensitivity for Pixel 4
  • new motion sense gesture for the Pixel 4

The latter will allow users to play and pause music. On top of that, turning the airplane mode will no longer disconnect the Bluetooth audio connection. So it won’t cause any more inconvenience when listening to music.

                        6. Double Tap to Launch

Finally, one of the most exciting features of the upcoming Android 11 is the double-tap to launch setting for Pixel phones. It will allow users to double-tap the back of the device to launch different apps.

They will be able to adjust the settings to enable different applications to launch through this gesture. Also, the double-tap feature will be able to open Google Assistant or snooze the alarm in the morning.

                        What to Expect

While the new features sound exciting, keep in mind that the Android 11 is still in its early stages of development. There’s still a long way to go before the official launch. You can bet it will have even more features for Google to brag about.

But it can also mean that some of the features everyone already knows of can disappear. There aren’t any significant redesigns in the Android operating system yet, but it doesn’t mean Google won’t add any twists and turns before the official launch.

That said, you must remain open to new features, and changes as the development process enters the final stages.

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