A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace a Watch Battery

Those who own Quartz watches need to know the importance of battery replacement. When you notice that the watch has stopped, quickly replace the battery, especially when you live in a hot, humid climate. When you fail to replace the battery, the watch movement will be left flat for too long. It may result in battery leaks that can damage the watch movement, leading to a more expensive repair.

But, it may be an expensive trip for you to take your watch to the repair shop. Some shops charge five times more than the cost of a battery. Well, do not worry! You can have a DIY watch battery replacement to save money, and learn more skills and tricks.

Average Lifespan of a Battery

Every watch battery is different from another, they depend on the type and age of the watch.  factory-installed batteries usually last about three to four years. Meanwhile, replacement batteries may only last about one to two years. Furthermore, the power usage of the watch depends on the features the watch has.

Some quartz watches only have simple functions of date and time, while the other has light and chronograph features that take up more of the battery. If you notice your watch stops, that only indicates you need a new battery!

There are some ways to extend the lifespan of the watch battery. When you are not using the watch, you can pull out the crown to stop its movement while not worn. But, if you want to wear it again, you have to set the proper time. Moreover, if your watch has chronograph, light, or alarm functions, you can turn it off. 

We know how important the watch is to you. Hopefully, with these simple ways, you can replace the battery yourself. But, if you need extra help, expert jewelers know their way on each specific watch repair.

Simple Ways on How to Replace the Battery

A DIY watch battery replacement allows the owner to save some money, gain a new learning experience, and the satisfaction of doing the task alone. But, before you do it, check the supplier warranty. There are manufacturers that do not honor the warranty if the watch has been opened by others.

Gently Remove the Watch Case Back

Get a clean cloth and lay it flat on the table. Remove the strap of the watch to make it easier for you to work. Wear a pair of dust-free gloves to avoid introducing elements that can damage the watch.


Place the watch face down on the newspaper to avoid scratching the watch’s glass while you repair it. There are three types of watch cover, some are secured with screws, a snap-off, swatches, or screw-off on the cover. Thus, you need to examine the case back of your watch before you begin.

  • Screws that hold the case back only needs a screwdriver to remove the screws and cover.
  • A snap-off case back has an indentation where you can use a tool to lift the cover.
  • Swatch is a slot on the case back where a coin can fit.
  • A screw-off case back has six to eight notches at the edge of the case back.

After removing the case back, there is a plastic spacer that protects the internal components. The protection sheet absorbs shock and vibration to prevent displacing the interior. Gently pick up the spacer and avoid touching the components as this will damage the watch. 

Remove the Old Battery

Now, you can clearly see the battery. Look for a retaining bar or a clip that places the battery in place. Gently disengage the clip or bar to remove the battery. Before you remove the battery, you need to remember the position of the side of the battery that is facing. Moreover, there is writing on the battery about its specifics.

Most modern quartz watches use a 377 battery. If you are not sure about the battery your watch uses, you can take the old battery to the nearest hardware store to get the right type for the replacement battery.

Install the New Watch Battery

Gently push the replacement battery in place. Make sure not to hit or disrupt the internal components of the watch. Before reattaching the back, check whether the watch is working. If you notice that the watch hasn’t moved, you may have placed the battery in reverse or it may be damaged. If it still does not work after troubleshooting, ask help from a professional.

Moreover, you need to be confident and knowledgeable about what you are doing. If not, it may damage the watch.


A drained battery is not a problem if you quickly give attention to it. You can either go to the nearest watch repair shop or have a DIY watch battery replacement. DIY watch battery replacement takes a lot of courage, yet it helps you save money and learn more skills in watch care.

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