How to Download Videos from YouTube to Android?

There are a lot of videos on YouTube. When we want to download these videos and watch them with our good friends, how can we download them to us, because YouTube does not provide us with a way to download videos, but we can download it through other channels– a video downloader for Android.

Before starting the guide on how to download videos from YouTube to Android?
I will share with you a YouTube video downloader for android –Free YouTube Downloader. When you choose an Android video downloader, what features? Download free YouTube videos? Or multiple formats and quality options?

Let’s see what Free YouTube Downloader can do for YouTube video downloads.
AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader is 100% safe and free YouTube video download site for Android. You can download any YouTube videos and music to your Android phone. Simple interface, easy to use, it is your best YouTube video downloader for Android.

  • No needless words and sentences, everything is about easy-to-use.
  • Quick YouTube videos search and download everywhere with your Android.
  • Free YouTube Downloader supports over 1000 sites for you explore more videos.
  • As the best YouTube video downloader free download on Android, it allows you to download youtube videos in MP4, 3GP, WebM, etc. Download YouTube music in MP3, M4A, WebM, etc.

Now, let’s download YouTube videos on Android.
You need to make a preparation before that, make sure you have installed a mobile browser on your mobile phone because you need to find the downloaded video files on the browser. The default save location for video is the memory card, you can also download it directly in the local memory, but you need to set it in advance.

That’s the interface of Free YouTube Downloader, you can see the search bar on the page.So, how to search YouTube video on this page? It’s very easy to do that: you can search YouTube videos by video link or search any YouTube videos by keywords, such as video name, video channels or any content can express your desired YouTube videos.
Go on the detailed steps below:

Step 1.Search YouTube videos by video link

First, we need to find the videos we want to download on the YouTube website, open this video, and copy the URL above the browser. Then paste the video link into the search bar of Free YouTube Downloader. Click the search button and you will get the video you want.

Step 2. Play YouTube video on the page

Before you download YouTube videos on your Android phone, you can play YouTube videos on your phone. Or you can click the link beside the video then you can redirect to YouTube video site to see the original video.

Step 3. Choose the video formats and quality.

There are several video format and quality options for you, choose the one you need and click the “Download” button, wait a second then you will get the YouTube videos on your Android phone.

Until now, we have learned how to download YouTube videos to Android with the video link, if you want to know how to download YouTube videos with keywords then check here to get the complete guide.

So far, we have finished the guide on how to download videos from YouTube to Android? Still remember where to find the downloaded videos on your mobile phone? Check the memory card of your Android phone or check the “Download” directory of the mobile browser then you will find the YouTube videos you downloaded.

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