Email Archiving Softwares: Uses and Advantages

Emails are the roots an enterprise. All of the internal and external communication in an organisation is done through emails. Every employee has their own email id configured to their email client on their

  1. pcs,
  2. cell phones,
  3. tablets, etc.

In a big organisation there are literally hundreds of mails sent and received every minute. Managing such a huge volume of emails sent and received through such diverse devices running on different platforms and operating systems is not an easy task.

Sending and receiving of emails through the company domain is managed by the company’s outgoing smtp server and is not much to worry about. The main trouble arises when you have to backup all of the emails and index it to search between them. This is a humongous task which cannot be done manually. In such situations, email archiving softwares can come in handy for the it department of your company.

Why should you archive your emails?

Emails contain important information that cannot be discarded and at the same time cannot be afforded to be leaked to your competitors. If any one of the emails are lost or leaked to a competitor, it can cause huge losses to the company. Along with this, there are legal reasons to archive your emails. In the case of a legal case being filed against your business, your incoming and outgoing emails can be used as evidence. In some countries, it is mandatory for businesses to keep an archive of all the emails that are sent and received by the employees.

This is why you should keep a backup of all of the emails that are sent and received through your business domain. Along with emails, there are space consuming attachments that need to be backed up along with the emails as they could contain data that may be required in the future. These are some of the reasons why you should keep an archive of your emails and keep the archive updated regularly.

Advantages of Email Archiving Softwares

Email archiving softwares help to streamline the process of backing up and indexing your emails securely without any hassle. Backing up emails is an easy task but keeping an up to date archive which is stored securely without the fear of being hacked is what Email archiving softwares are for.

The software first receives the emails which are sent or received from an email client like microsoft outlook and saves them on the hard disk. After the emails are saved then the email archiving software makes an index of all the terms in all of the emails to make searching between them in the future easier. Then the emails are encrypted and the archive is either stored locally or in the cloud. This is the most efficient and convenient way of handling the stream of emails and managing them efficiently.

Free Email Archiving Softwares

Email archiving softwares usually come in paid packages which requires a license to use. The cost of these licenses increase according to the number of users the software is serving. This can amount to huge monthly costs for firms with large number of employees. This isn’t cost efficient for big businesses which require email archiving services. In this case, businesses should opt for free email archiver softwares.

Free Email Archiving softwares can be both open source and close sourced. Open source softwares are the type of softwares that come along with their source code and any one is free to edit and distribute them them wherever they like. However, free closed source softwares are free to use but they aren’t free to edit and distribute them. Closed source softwares usually come with a freemium membership which means that the basic services are provided for free and higher tier packages are provided at a cost. Both open and close sourced free email archiving softwares can be used for businesses.  

Free vs Paid Email Archiving Softwares

The question that arises now is that why should one use paid email archiving softwares when there are free softwares available with comparable features in the market? The answer is: support. Paid email archiving software comes with 24×7 email and call support which is not available in the free variants. For a business to run smoothly, all of its components should be functioning properly and if there arises a problem with your email archiving software, you would require support to resolve the problems quickly.

Open source email archiving softwares do not come with support features as there isn’t usually distributed by a software company. Freemium close sourced email archiving softwares may have support features but your support tickets won’t be prioritized over paid members and thus your problems will take longer to be solved. This is where paid email archiving softwares are better than email archiving freeware softwares. If your organisation has a strong IT department with qualified and experienced professionals, you won’t need the support features. This isn’t viable for smaller sized businesses though.

DuoCircle – email archiving for free

Duocircle is a website which provides a range of email and hosting services like

  • Spam filtering,
  • Outbound SMTP,
  • Phishing Protection,
  • Hosted Email,
  • Email Archiving,
  • Spam filtering,
  • Email forwarding, etc.

They provide free email archive solution where you can store and access email securely in the cloud for free. They provide complete integration with mail clients like Office 365 by default. They also have features in place to filter, tag and export relevant content to meet legal, compliance and corporate governance demands. You should definitely get Duocircle email archiving – free trial here while choosing an email archiving software for your business.


Email archival is an important task for any business due to professional and legal needs. Email archival softwares help to make the process of backing up emails and attachments easier and more secure. It is not necessary nowadays to pay for email archiving softwares due to many open source and freemium options available in the market. You should opt for email archival irrespective of the size of your business.

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