Ease US Data recovery tool Features and Review

Ease US Data recovery tool

Data is utmost important in today’s world, where people store their photos, videos, audios, and other important material such as word documents, Excel sheets, etc. Many times due electricity failure or any other issues data in the hard drive might get corrupted. Many times there are situation that we get our Data deleted or formatted by mistake which is one of the most irritating things in the world.

There are many free data recovery software available in the market with which we can easily recover our deleted formatted data. One of which is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, today we will be talking about the features and procedure to install the software in Windows and MacOS machines.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the mac data recovery software available in the market which can do many different tasks, some of the different features of the software are as follow:

  • Deleted Recovery: If you by mistake deleted any data with Shift + Delete which directly deletes any file from the system, or if it is deleted from recycle bin too. Then with this software you can easily recover the deleted materials without any issue.
  • Partition Loss: At times there are an issue such that due to windows update some partition of the windows disk is corrupted, or due to booting up. IF any such issues occur we can recover the whole partition with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software.
  • Format Recovery: Format option on Windows is a real mess as it directly formats the partition with just a single verification. Usually, once we mistakenly format any partition it is almost impossible to get the data inside the drive. But with EaseUS Data Recovery software we can easily solve the issue by recovering the deleted files.
  • Other Data Loss Scenario supported by the software:
    • Virus Attacks: There are different types of viruses which affects the working of Hard Drives and corrupts many different segments of Hard Drive. This type of recovery is also supported by the software.
    • System Crash Recovery: When there is a sudden stoppage to the System due to power loss there might be a loss to data which we can recover with the EaseUS Data Recovery software
    • Hard Drive Failure: When the hard drive fails there is either one component of the drive which stops working or any segment where the head of the rotter is stuck the recovery software try to make the hard drive run for some time so we can get hold of the data and transfer the important data in a backup drive.

Just like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, there are many different applications which works just like it for the same cause. Most of them are paid and does require you to pay a premium to get the task done. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can get around 2 GB of Data without incurring any cost. If you have any query with respect to the software do let us know in the comment section below.

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