Honor Watch Magic review

Tracking fitness is the latest trend and new and new gadgets have been launched that keep a track of the daily activities of a person. Honor has recently launched a fitness tracking watch, called, Honor Watch Magic. It is a smart watch that looks very attractive. It has a good price range and its designing is very smart. For all the people who fitness freaks, you need to take a look at the various features the watch has to offer. They have provided latest trending features, like retina AMOLED, long battery life, two appealing colors to choose from and many more. Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of the fitness tracking watch.

Design –

Honor Watch Magic has a 1.2 inch display touch screen and a circular dial. It has an AMOLED touchscreen and it looks very stylish. The watch has dual core processor and it is water resistant and dust resistant too, but its resistance is up to 50 meters. The designing of the watch seems a little bulky. It is not very light. The thickness of the watch is 9.8 mm at its thickest point. The weight of the watch is 31.7 grams and it might feel a little heavy when on the wrist.  Also you can buy this watch using Shopclues Offers at discounted prices.

Once you strap it to your wrist, it doesn’t move and irritate and stays at one position. The strap that comes with the watch is of plastic and it doesn’t give it a very premium look. Though it’s a simple band and will go with everything, but the band lacks style and classy look and there is no other option to choose from either. Maybe in future, they will provide better bands with the new smart watches honor designs.

Features and Working –

The watch is very simple to understand. You need to swipe left or right and you will keep opening various modes. One face of the watch will show weather and as you swipe, you can go and check out your daily activity. When you swipe down, you open the settings menu and you can then see DND mode setting, find phone feature, locking of the watch and you can check the battery too. The watch’s display is bright enough and works very well in day light. Outdoor display is what a good smart watch has and it has a very good one.

Under the fitness tracking feature, the watch shows about the outdoor and indoor running courses, climbing, outdoor and indoor cycling, walking, swimming etc. Modes like strength training and cross training are not present, which is a disappointment. The good part is that the watch is very accurate with its calculations. It also has a heart rate monitor. It calculates the distance in miles and there is no option to change it to metric system in the watch. You can change it to metric in Huawei health, with which the pairing is done.

Honor Watch Magic can be taken for a swim too. At the price it comes at, the accuracy of the watch is very impressive and the fact that it is swim proof too. You can also track your sleep cycle with the watch. The one trouble that people might encounter is its bulk and your wrist might not get used to it easily. If the watch were lighter and slimmer, it would have been one of the best models so far. Though with regular wear, one can get used to it for sure. Also, it’s a simple one and won’t go very well with trendy clothes.

Battery life –

The battery life of the watch is good. It can last for over three or four days, on an average, with one charge. It is far better than an apple smart watch that needs daily charging. In terms of battery life various options available in market and one can avail those using Mobikwik Coupons with discounted price.

Conclusion –

Honor Watch Magic comes at a market price of INR 13999. At this price range, the smart watch provides very good accuracy and features. For those people who are very much into fitness, it is a good choice indeed. The design is simple and will surely appeal to majority of people. With a good battery and accurate reading, the only trouble is its bulk. Rest, it’s a good model at a reasonable cost.

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