How Can SEO Optimization Decreases Bounce Rate?

If you are running a business, you will obviously want to attract more customers. 

We are living in a digital world, where we rely a lot on the world wide web. That is why most businesses are opting for digital marketing or online marketing. The major goal of digital marketing is to rank higher on the search engine result page. 

Even before buying a pair of earphones to listen to our favorite songs for free from the Pirate Bay, we search Google or any other search engine. And from the search engine results, we mostly visit the top results only. 

So, if you want your business or brand to get noticed by your potential customers, you have to ensure that you appear on the top results. Only appearing at the top is not enough; you also ensure that you have a lower bounce rate. 

This eventually will also decrease your ranking. 

How Can SEO Optimization Decreases Bounce Rate

So, what is this bounce rate, and how can you decrease it with proper SEO optimization? 

What Is Bounce Rate? 

When you start analyzing your website data, you might find that the bounce rate of your site is high. It is basically the number of people who are landing on your website and also leaving immediately. 

Suppose an individual is looking for business hours and address on your website, then it will not be unusual for someone to land and then bounce. Here the visitor will still be considered to be a conversion. 

The problem starts when people land, are bound, and also do not convert. In this case, you need to focus a little on the bounce rate. 

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What Are the Possible Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate

Now, as you get a basic understanding of what bounce rate is, we will look at the possible reasons for increased bounce rate. 

Bad Content

Always remember in digital marketing, content is the king. Just the way a bad king can not rule a kingdom well, bad SEO is also not going to work here.

When people do not find the information they are looking for, they will automatically leave, and it will increase your bounce rate. 

Poor User Experience

User experience is too crucial to ignore for your website.

When your visitor will not be able to navigate simply and smoothly to different pages and content and will not be able to find the content they are looking for, they will not waste a single second on your website and leave immediately. 

Technical Error

In case your bounce rate is too high, it can be due to your visitors hitting a roadblock associated with a technical error.

This might be the result of JavaScript malfunctioning on your website, or a plugin went down and caused a form not to load. Your visitors are not going to wait longer there. 

Speed Issues

No one likes to wait when a site is loading. Everyone hates the round-and-round circling. If your site takes a little longer to load and it takes time to open different pages and posts, you are definitely going to increase your bounce rate. 

SEO Optimization Decreases Bounce Rate

So, you know what bounce rate is and also the reasons why bounce rate goes higher for your website. Now, we will help you with some SEO tactics that you need to use to decrease the bounce rate. 

Improve Page Speed

As we have mentioned earlier, page speed matters a lot when it comes to getting more visitors. In case your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you need to work on improving the page speed to decrease the bounce rate. 

Have Mobile-Friendly Site

Around 54.4% of the global traffic comes from mobile devices. It means you are going to get the most of the traffic from those individuals who are using mobile for browsing.

So, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. If people do not find your website accessible from a mobile, it will increase your bounce rate. If you plan to do this properly, you should consider reaching out to top SEO agencies in UK that will give you some reliable stuff.

Avoid Distracting And Pop-up Ads

All those pop-ups and ads might be getting you some amount still; they are not worth losing your potential customers and visitors.

By removing or avoiding all those distracting pop-ups and ads, you can actually reduce the bounce rate of your site. 

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Avoid Broken Links

Broken links are another factor for bounce rate and also for the health of your website.

You need to find out the broken links and fix them from time to time in order to maintain the health of your website along with reducing the bounce rate.

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