New Technology Trends That Will Help to Run the Online Business Successfully

In this world of cutthroat commerce and fast-changing trends, there’s no room to be slow, especially for business owners. Thankfully, there are a lot of affordable and easy-to-use apps out there that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few excellent examples:


If you’ve dabbled in HTML before, this app’s name might be highly familiar to you. And this offers a clue to what Ahrefs’s use in business and brand building is. Ahrefs is a suite of SEO tools that allow business owners to get a clear grasp of the major aspects as well as the minutiae of their content marketing campaigns.

Some of the things that you can do with the tool include 24/7 SEO monitoring, domain, and URL comparison (to see how your domain/URLs competes against others in your niche), ad-hoc keyword research, and keyword management.


Spokeo is an online background checking service, phone number lookup, and people search site that has been around since 2006. It’s particularly great if you want a quick background check on potential employees and competitors. You can run a phone number search here and find out more about your business partners and employees.

But for entrepreneurs, it has a neat little tool called Insights that will probably make a great addition to your online marketing arsenal. This feature presents you with a variety of useful information (mined from social networks and a variety of sources on the web) about your targets like their income range, educational background, favorite hobbies, and their favorite sports team.

This kind of information is invaluable to marketers who want to fine-tune their marketing strategies so as to cater to specific audiences and markets.


The old system of using a manual time clock to track your employees’ work times would be inefficient- not to mention archaic- for businesses in this day and age. Chances are, some of your employees are working remotely and out of the office. In this kind of scenario, your team can use Clockify to track and log their work hours.

It is a time tracker and timesheet app all rolled into one. You’ll be able to see at a glance what projects are taking up most of your time, which members are doing what tasks and compile all of these data into handy reports which you can peruse later. The best thing of all? This service is absolutely free!

If you have a particular website in mind that you want to contact (and probably do business with) but have no idea on how to go about contacting people who are on that site, is the tool for you. This app is an email and contact information scraper. It “scrapes” the web for email addresses that are connected to a particular domain.

First, you provide a website address or domain (e.g. to search addresses for. The tool then searches the website itself, its own databases, and other various sources for contacts that have as an address.

The free option allows for 50 searches a month. However, for a small fee, you can avail of a bulk email option that will allow you to search for emails en masse.


Email is inefficient and Facebook Messenger is unprofessional. If you want a communication solution that is as professional as email while being as easy to use as popular chat clients, then Slack is right up your alley.

Slack is more than a chat messaging system- it’s a collaboration hub. Your Slack workspace is made up of different channels all arranged according to a category of your choosing- like projects worked on and locations.

The best thing about Slack is that it can be easily integrated with a lot of popular tools that are out on the market today like Trello, Asana, and others.


Sure, you can go about email marketing the old fashioned way (i.e. sending bulk emails by hand), but MailShake will surely help speed things up for you. It provides automated email outreach services at a low price. Don’t know what to write? The Mailshake system actually provides you with suggestions of pre-written messages and emails that you can easily send out with just a click of a button. There’s also a lot of personalization options so you can tailor your messages as you see fit.


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