How to Save Instagram Videos to Any Device?

Instagram is the home of plenty of stunning photos and videos you can browse around on your desktop and mobile devices. However, with Instagram, you can’t save the photos and videos from the Instagram app or site itself. Instagram doesn’t allow you to save any photos or videos posted on their platform, except for your own photos and videos.

How to Save Instagram Videos to Any Device?

So, how can you save Instagram videos on any device? It’s simple to do. There are various methods you can use, which you will learn from this guide.

Using Instagram Video Downloader

The first method is to use the web-based Instagram Video Downloader. With Instagram Video Downloader, you can download video from Instagram just by copying and pasting the video URL on this tool.

Then, the video download process will begin, and you can get access to your downloaded video right away. It is one of the easiest ways you can save Instagram videos on any device.

There are many Instagram video downloader tools you can find online, such as the one from This handy tool can help you save any Instagram video on any device, whether desktop or mobile device.

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Installing a Video Downloader Extension

Installing a video downloader extension can also help save Instagram videos to your desktop. First, you need to find the video downloader extension you want to use on your browser.

There are plenty of video downloader extensions you can use, such as Video Downloader Plus, SaveTheVideo, Flash Video Downloader, and so on. You will need to install the extension on your browser and activate it right away.

The video downloader extension will detect videos as you browse the internet, and you can always download the videos you have found online via this extension, including the ones from Instagram. 

Using a Screen Recorder App

Another method you can follow to save Instagram videos on any device is to use a screen recorder app. A screen recorder app allows you to record your screen, which includes the video and audio you play on your screen.

With the screen recorder app, it’s easy for you to record Instagram videos by just playing them on your device. Whether you are using a desktop or mobile device, you can use a screen recorder app and save Instagram videos this way.

The screen recorder app you are using will allow you to save the recorded video on your device, which includes the Instagram video you are playing. The next step would be to trim out your screen recording video to include only the Instagram video you want to save.

Installing QuickSave for Instagram on Android

QuickSave for Instagram is an Android app that allows you to save Instagram photos and videos on your Android device. With this app, you can save any videos from Instagram with ease.

You just need to open this app first before you open your Instagram app. Then, you can navigate to the video you want to save from Instagram, and choose the Share to QuickSave option on the video.

With QuickSave for Instagram, you can also copy the link of the video you want to download and then paste the link on the QuickSave app to start the download process right away. It’s a simple way for you to save any Instagram videos on your Android device.

Using the Save to Camera Roll Option

For this method, you can use it to save your own Instagram videos, such as the InstaStory you are recording for Instagram and the videos you post on your Instagram account. To use this method, you can go to Settings, then access the Privacy and Security option, and choose Story Controls.

In the Story Controls setting, you can turn on the Save to Camera Roll option if you haven’t done so. This option will allow you to save every InstaStory and Instagram video you have posted on Instagram. So, you can access them in your gallery as well.

Also, you can save your own Instagram videos by accessing the three dots at the bottom of your video and then choosing the Save Video option there. You can download the video to your device right away with this method.

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There are various ways you can follow to save Instagram videos on any device. In fact, there are many online tools available for you, which allow you to save any Instagram videos on your device just by copying and pasting the video URL. So, it’s worth a try. Good luck!

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