Instagram Video Download Without Watermark – A Social Media Top Instrument in 2022 

The query on promoting videos on Instagram is one of the most popular, especially after the advent of IGTV. The social network, which was initially created in fact only on the photo, now allows you to use video for promotion.

Later, the time limit disappeared, so you should definitely use this tool. The attractiveness of the video is that the first 15 seconds are actually shown for free. This means that you have enough time to “hook” the user and even stimulate him to search for your video and review it.

Instagram Video Download Without Watermark A Social Media Top Instrument in 2022

Benefits of using video on Instagram

Many social media users are wondering if they should post videos on their accounts. It is more costly both in terms of time and effort than a photo, especially if the task is to shoot with high quality.

However, there is a very significant reason why this format should not be ignored. Instagram launched an algorithm that changed the way posts are shown.

It lies in the fact that all your posts are seen only by subscribers who interact with you in some way, for example, comment on them or leave likes, and also linger on one of them for some time. By the way, if you want to share content to other social networks, use Instagram video download without watermark.

IG downloader video by Toolzu is a great instrument to boost your account. If a post contains a video instead of a photo, the reach and engagement of subscribers will become higher. You can also use useful features such as Stories and live broadcasts.

The main advantage of Stories today is that Instagram has not extended the ranking algorithm to the service. All stories are arranged in chronological order, and therefore, subscribers are interested in them more often.

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IG video formats

You can create and edit videos yourself using special applications on your phone. It is not necessary to contact the videographer every time. Video content usually takes longer to create, but generates more engagement than static images.


When publishing a horizontal video, the user sees not only the picture but also the text of the publication on one screen. Horizontal video is also considered more cinematic.

A square video is larger and easier to view, it occupies most of the screen, but the text of the publication will not be fully visible, especially if it is a long read.

To be published to the main Instagram feed a video must be up to 60 seconds, recommended video file type: MP4 and MOV. Aspect ratio: for horizontal video 16:9 (1920·1080 px), for vertical 1.9:1 (600·315 px), for square 1:1 (for example, 600·600 px). Size: up to 4 GB.


This is a section for vertical videos. You can also add a horizontal video, but it will not look the best in the feed. Video for Stories must meet several parameters. Duration: up to 15 seconds.

Recommended video file type: MP4 or MOV, aspect ratio: 9:16 (maximum – 1080·1920 px).

Size: up to 4 GB. To increase engagement, periodically use gamification elements in Stories, and conduct polls, and quizzes.


This extended format allows you to post interviews, vlogs, reviews, and other long formats that can’t be posted on the main feed. For more ideas for IGTV content, check out this article.

The MP4 videos may last up to 60 minutes. The aspect ratio for vertical video is 9:16, and 16:9 for horizontal. The minimum resolution is 720px. Size: video up to 15 minutes – no more than 650 MB; video up to 60 minutes – no more than 3.6 GB.

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This endless feed is very similar to TikTok. The advantages of this format and the nuances of promotion are described in the article. Please make sure the file meets the following requirements – up to 60 seconds duration, MP4 or MOV, aspect ratio: 9:16 (resolution 1080·1920 px), size: up to 4 GB. 

On Instagram, you can watch only 60 seconds of the video, and then you need to go to the Instagram TV channel for further viewing. This means that the first minute of the video should be as exciting and noticeable as possible.

To make this fragment spectacular, use the “open-loop” technique. It is important that both the picture and the sound are of high quality. If your video is of interest to page visitors, they will wait for the next story.

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