Test Automation for Oracle Readiness 21C Release

Oracle Cloud makes your life easier most of the time. It combines efficient financial procedures with the most advanced HR data compilation sets on the market, as well as all of your overall business needs in a single app. 

Then there are the quarterly patch updates. Oracle gets complicated four times a year. 

These updates bring new features, functionality, and security enhancements to your ecosystem. This implies you must test each and every change to guarantee they do not impact your business. We will focus on Oracle readiness 21C release in this blog.

And if you’ve tested these updates before, you know there’s just a two-week window to do so. There is an alternative.

Oracle Readiness 21C

We’ve devised a Oracle Cloud testing method based on our experience working with hundreds of businesses to streamline these quarterly updates while saving time, money, and effort. 

The Key Considerations for Oracle Cloud 21C Readiness Assessment

  • Oracle Cloud release readiness is essential since it assists you in identifying your existing application usage, major process, and application concerns. 
  • You can also examine existing customizations, modifications, and upgrades, as well as manual processes and third-party components.
  • It is critical to evaluate customizations/custom improvements because your old modifications may not work in the new Cloud environment. 
  • Oracle Cloud adds significant functionality and allows for the removal of unwanted modifications during the upgrade and replacement with provided capability.
  • Another crucial part of Oracle Cloud readiness is the evaluation of critical integrations. It is possible that your previous integrations would break while updating the system. 
  • All new procedures and software should be thoroughly tested for security and compliance with any applicable regulatory standards or best practices.
  • Examines the ability of an old environment to release data as well as the ability of a new environment to receive any old data without loss or corruption.

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How can Opkey assist in Oracle readiness 21C

Opkey is a market-leading Oracle test automation technology that accelerates your Oracle testing process, minimizes risks and costs, and guarantees that your apps are optimized to fit your unique business requirements. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Business process discovery: Opkey’s ground-breaking “test mining” technology assesses the impact of as-is vs. to-be processes. This assessment will help you identify areas for testing and ensure you don’t waste time testing the incorrect things.
  • Opkey comes with pre-built mapping templates that emphasize your exact test coverage in Oracle Cloud to facilitate a safer and faster update. Furthermore, Opkey provides all required data combinations that may be seeded to your test cases automatically to ensure complete test coverage.
  • End-to-end testing: Opkey notifies you when middleware, integrated packaged programs, or other third-party applications are in jeopardy due to the Oracle update.
  • Security role validation: With a single touch of a button, Opkey clearly displays the difference between functional and data security policies across all applications seeded and custom roles. This guarantees security compliance.

Want to learn more? Read our advisory document: Opkey’s Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud Update Readiness 21C Release

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