The TOP 3 GBA Emulators For Android

Today is easier than ever before to play GBA games. The acronym stands for Game Boy Advance and it is one of the most popular gaming, handheld consoles of all times. It was and it is still very popular. If you want to play games today, you will need to download Game Boy Advance ROMs and install the emulator on your Android smartphone. Load the game and you can start playing. Below are three best emulators for Android.

1. GBA.emu

Developed by Robert Broglia, this emulator is truly epic. First of all you get tons of useful features such as the ability to load and save games, you can emulate BIOS files and you can use controllers whenever you want. There is also a version for PC, which is actually cross-version but it will get a job done as well. In a nutshell, the emulator has all you are going to need and you will be able to play any GBA game you want.

GBA.emu supports cheats as well and it is stable, meaning it won’t crash while playing one of your favorite games. At the same time, it is easy to use and even beginners won’t have a hard time with it.The user interface is solid, looks nice and modern. We enjoyed using it and we had a great time thanks to the countless features implemented into the emulator. In order to work properly, you will need an Android smartphone of the newer generation with plenty of RAM memory.

2. GemBoy

GemBoy emulator is an interesting alternative. It targets users who want simplicity and want the ability to play all kinds of games on their Android smartphone. The emulator supports save and load feature, you can use cheat codes and you can use controllers.

The biggest advantage of the emulator is the ability to load and run Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color ROMs. Now you can download any of your favorite games and give it a try. An interesting fact is an ability to enjoy in simple user-interface without any, necessary features. This also means that the emulator can run on older Android smartphones. The speed of the emulator is immense. You will enjoy using it as we did. However, due to a low number of features, it is ranked as a second best emulator on our list.

3. John GBA

The last model on our list is one of the most popular, paid emulators. Hold your horses, the emulator is very affordable and it comes with great features. We tested and we used save load options, the ability to use cheats and we also liked the fast forward mode, which basically allows for you to play the game in a faster mode. The only drawback is the lack of hardware controller support. Anyway, the emulator is 100% reliable, stable and comes with tons of features.

User interface is something we liked as well. It is rich in details, you have a nice feeling while using it and you won’t have troubles navigating. All we can add is the fact this emulator is popular due to plenty of reasons and you should try it.

Play GBA games

To summarize all the things we mentioned above. Download your GBA game, download the emulator, load the game and you are ready. Now you can enjoy any of the Game Boy Advance games there are and you can push it to the max thanks to the ultimate features and plenty of possibilities. All of these emulators are available in stable versions, meaning they won’t crash in the middle of a game.

You can play all games on your PC using an Android emulator. In my opinion, you can Download Bluestacks,this is the best Android emulator for desktop/PC.

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