The Top Four Authoring Tools Of 2020

A great training experience is built around incredible training content. In order to create such content, you need the right tools in your elearning arsenal.

Thankfully, modern elearning authoring software have become so advanced that a single tool can support all stages and aspects of a training content development process.

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With that said, in recent years, the elearning landscape has seen many new players entering the market and authoring tools have not been an exception to this trend. As a result, there are more options in the market than ever before.

This overwhelming amount of choice can confuse anyone. 

Whether this is your first time picking an authoring tool or you’re simply thinking about switching from the tool you are currently using, the following round up of top X authoring tools will make your task of picking the right authoring tool a little bit easier.

Without delay, let’s jump right into it:

iSpring Suite

One of the most popular tools in the market, iSs popularity to the host of features it offers. From the ability to add narration, screencasts, and quizzes in literal minutes, to quickly creating mobile-ready training content, iSpring Suite is perfect for smaller organisations and freelance instructional designers.

However, the advanced tracking capabilities, along with the incredible amount of assessment creation options make iSpring Suite a great choice for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Compared to iSpring Suite, Easygenerator is a niche product meant for beginner course developers and learning administrators. While the software boasts all the necessary features required to create engaging training content, its real advantage lies in its simple and user friendly interface. Easygenerator is especially advantageous for smaller organisations looking to train their employees, or individuals looking to share their skills in the form of an online course.

Its drag and drop feature, combined with the availability of hundreds of themes and templates within the tool make it the perfect choice for elearning beginners looking to create professional-grade training content.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is by far the most feature loaded authoring tool currently present in the market. Besides the general features found in competing products, Adobe Captivate offers the ability to add immersive 360-degree video, create animations, render augmented reality scenarios triggered by GPS, among many other unique features.

The best part is, the availability of all these great features does not make Adobe Captivate an expensive product, making it accessible to almost any individual or organisation. The trustworthy support team of Adobe is just another added advantage of choosing Adobe Captivate.


Another well known product in the training content development landscape, Elucidat is known for its simple interface that enables users to use its powerful features to their full potential. Apart from offering the generally available features, Elucidat is known for its collaboration friendly abilities.

Comparable to Google Docs, the interface of Elucidat allows multiple users to make changes to the same content assets in real time. This ability makes Elucidat the perfect choice for L&D organisations or companies that have a large L&D department.


These were our top four choices of authoring tools that are targeted for different levels of expertise and team sizes. While this list is a great starting point for selecting the ideal authoring tool, there are a number of great tools that may be perfect for your needs, but aren’t present on this list. Hence, it is highly advisable to conduct thorough research before choosing an authoring tool for your organisation.

Did we miss out on mentioning your favorite authoring tool? Share it with us in the comments!

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