5 Ways to Make Money From Your Knitting

It surely feels good to create something beautiful with your hands through knitting. It is fulfilling, even rewarding. But what do you do with your knit creations? Yes, you can own them, give them as gifts, store them… but how about, make money out of them?


You heard that right! You can definitely earn and make a living through your knit stuff. That’s what we are going to talk about right now. How can you make money from knitting?


All you need is some creativity. Invest your potential in your projects, and together with your yarn and needles, the payback will be rewarding! Research on the knitting industry has shown that business opportunities in this market are growing lucratively. The demand’s really huge, so you can expect that your attempt to gain from your hobby is very much likely. How do you do that? Here are some ways:

  • Sell Your Items

Obviously, this method has already crossed your mind. As you keep creating garments and fabrics, you can sell your items to someone you already know by offering them face-to-face or sell them even to people you haven’t met yet. How? Take them to the biggest market today, the internet.


Take photos of your items, upload them to your social media accounts, to begin with. Or, you can build your online store yourself. There are also websites that allow you to sell your items such as Etsy shop, eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

  • Put Up Your Own Brick and Mortar Store

What’s a bigger leap of faith into selling? Put up your own brick and mortar store! This will definitely require start-up funds. If you think you are capable and you will have a considerable pool of clients, then go for it. The risk will surely be worth it.


You can sell a wide selection of knitting tools, apart from your finished items. Different weights and colors of yarn, varying types of needles, diverse collections of patterns, and other things needed in the knitting process.


If you plan to grow a knitwear fashion store, you can also check out and start owning a machine for your business. What can you make with an Addi knitting machine? Well, just about anything. Socks, scarves, hats, Afghans, sweaters, and many others. It can speed up your production and provide you with ease and accuracy especially when producing in bulks.

  • Take a Chance on Craft Fairs

Selling in craft fairs works best during winter or fall. This is the peak season of creating more from selling your knit items. Craft fairs are where you meet people who are interested in crafts like your knit items.


As they visit your stall in the bazaar, they can personally choose what they want so make sure you provide them with a lot of options! Bring everything that you have worked on. They will surely like it!

  • Sell Patterns or Be a Pattern Tester

If you have already come up with your own patterns for different garments or fabrics, you can sell them online by creating and uploading PDF files containing your step-by-step instructions for the pattern. Through the web, your patterns can be made accessible to people who are into knitting, especially beginners who are still looking for visual guides.


In becoming a pattern tester, you can either get the pattern and a knitting kit for free or get paid as well. Who needs pattern testers? Designers. These designers are always looking for pattern testers who can try their ideas and concepts. As you do, you will need to watch out for any problem that might occur in following the pattern, then report the complications back to the designer.

  • Sell Advertisement Space

In selling advertisement spaces, one way you can consider is to build your own knitting blog. You will need huge traffic of followers to visit and stay on your blog. How? Offer free patterns for your audience, make inspirational blog posts. Give value to them, let them gain by watching out for your content.


When you already have a huge number of followers driving continuous traffic to your website, then that’s the perfect time to sell advertisement space. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to find advertisers. There are many advertising companies always looking for spaces where they can post their ads. You can use Google Adsense, Info Links, etc.


The methods mentioned above are only some of the many, but they are absolutely effective and viable. Mostly don’t really need much, just you, your knitting, and your online presence. But of course, you can also grind physically by selling face-to-face, putting up your own physical store or participating in craft fairs. Whatever you prefer doing, just keep your hopes up, have the right attitude, and stay committed to your passion for knitting. You will certainly succeed!

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